President's Speach:

Conglomeration was formed for the benefit to the help of the Tourists and visitors with giving proper and right information. These hoteliers are from every nook and corner of West Bengal. We think that we are the basic structure for promotion of Tourism. In our vision, Tourism means changes of the daily routine life, it may be good condition or may be bad condition of your daily routine life. People want to change his daily taste also. By this way, everybody wants to take food outside the home, want to  see the cinema, theatre etc. these are nothing but short time relaxation, but a long time relaxation is called Tourism.

Tourism also includes to know the unknown. Unknown means unknown livelihood in an unknown situation, unknown culture, unknown food-habit. To know these unknown together means Tourism. And when it is a hobby, it is called adventure, in other words, it is called Adventure Tourism.

Hotels are playing a vital role in development of Tourism. Hotels means food and accommodation of the locality which is traditionally proved wellness of the life, like the local food which is matched with the environment. But the modern Tourism has gone far away from this path. Now Modern Hotelier's slogan is 'Home away from Home' that means whatever comfort you are enjoying at your home, the same facilities will be available in this hotel. we differ in this point. If there is no change or difference from your home for what reason you will come to the hotel by spending your time, money and energy? We think Hotel means 'just for a change' i.e changes in all respect.

We are cordially inviting the Tourists to  West Bengal to have an experience of these differences. The West Bengal consists of 18 Districts with different weather conditions, matching with the weather / environment the culture, food-habit, clothes, rituals, festivals differ from one District to another.

To enjoy these differences in a natural ambiance of Bengal, we are cordially invite you to stay with us. Star category hotels may give you your homely benefits, but may not satisfy your eagerness for which you have traversed such a long distance. So we, the Conglomeration who stays near the soil of Bengal cordially invites you to visit the Bengal.

CBHO is now have special consultative Status in UN Economic and social Council  Since 2017.

Tara Pada Bhowmik


Vice-President's Speach:

On behalf of Conglomeration of Bengal Hotel Owners, I am conveying best wishes to all the Government Officers & Staffs of all the Department for rendering their co-operation in all respects about International Tourism Fair at Berlin.

First of all, I like to express some words about spiritual matter, the Indian Philosophy of religion went on evolving itself ever since a Superior Civilisation with spiritual profundity as its essence began flourishing in this ancient country where - Lord Buddha, Sri Chaitanya, Sri Ramkrishna, Swami Vivekananda and a host of other leading lights of this holy linage had achieved the highest excellence of sainthood through countess years of hard meditation.

Divine Lord Loke Nath Brahmachari was singularly different from them with his own distinctiveness in the realm of spiritualism. Lokenath Brahmachari, the guiding force behind all men, creature and the universe.

He was as high as the Himalayas and as vast as the enaiess ocean and being versed in the knowledge of "BRAHMA". At the moment of his last breath, He utter the voice for his followers and for the human beings under:

"I have no death : I am indestructible, I exist everywhere, whether in the air or in  water or on land. If you are even in danger - remember me and I shall come to your rescure.

Lokenath Brahmachari           

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